Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homeobotanical Therapy

A Natural Health modality developed in New Zealand.
Homeobotanical formulas are supplied to the qualified Practitioner as a concentrate.
Homeobotanical's are a Core Therapy (can be used as the base for health management programs)
The range may assist with many health care applications.
The formulations are considered suitable for all ages.
Both homeopathic and botanical indications are considered for their therapeutic purpose.

How is Homeobotanical different to homeopathy?

Homeobotanical (Hb) remedies are potentised formulas. They are not prescribed individually according to Homeopathic principles of repertorisation. The Homeobotanical formulas cover a wider scope of symptoms and signs. This makes it easier and faster to prescribe. Hb formulas are a designed to a single potency. Hb formulas may assist with supporting the immune response, drainage and assimilation in the patient.

How is Homeobotanical different to Herbalism?

Herbalism includes tinctures, supplements, teas, etc. Homeobotanical (Hb) does use tinctures that have been reformulated using homeopathic principles. The indications are for the Homeobotanical formulas are drawn from both herbal and homeopathic literature. This allows for broader the indications and the applications. The doses are extremely small, making them well tolerated, safe and cheap. Hb remedies are made from herbal extracts and adjusted to prevent flocculation of resinous fractions. Hb concentrates are herbal combinations combine and formulated to be give as one dose rather than just a few.

Is it safe?

Due to the small amount of potentised (hence diluted) active ingredients, make this a safe range. If a concentrate was ingested by accident, one would expect there could would be some nausea o/ diarrhoea. No overdose of a prepared remedy has reported. The usual dose of Hb remedies is one thousand times less than a standard herbal dose, relying on the efficacy of Homoeopathic action rather than material quantities of active ingredients.

What about use during pregnancy?

Please advise your practitioner if you are pregnant or think you might be or have a history of miscarriage. Many of the Homeobotanical formulas can be use in pregnancy if required. Hb remedies are essentially low potency Homoeopathic remedies and rarely have adverse effects. They have been widely used in helping the problems of pregnancy, but special caution is needed where there is a history of repeated miscarriage.

Can it be used with other natural remedies?

Absolutely! Hb remedies complement other forms of natural therapy. Often given as a way to assist with immediate relief while the in-depth treatment start to take effect. It does not conflict with energetic remedies like homeopathic ones. Mayby Hb Practitioners use a combination of therapies to match the Patient's needs, with the Hb remedies always there as the Core Therapy.

Can it be used with conventional drugs?

Yes. You may need to see your GP for a review, as sometimes medications can need to be re assessed or lowered.. Hb Practitioners do not make recommendations regarding prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. They are able to work in conjunction with your doctor. Practitioners are able to discuss any concerns your doctor may have with regards to Homeobotanical formulas.

Who practices it ?

We have a list registered and qualified health practitioner on our website. View a list of our members. Ask to see the Certificate in Herbal Energy Therapy or the Diploma in Homeobotanical Therapeutics. In New Zealand and Australia qualified health practitioners do have access to the range but may not have studied for the Certificate or Diploma.

How can we learn it and are there any prerequisites?

Homeobotanical Therapy is a practitioner only range. There are prerequisites which must be met before study is undertaken. currently in NZ, the Naturopathic College of New Zealand offers a certificate course in Homeobotanical Therapies. For further information please contact the Herbal Energy Centre

Can it be used for animals?

In general, Yes. But we only recommend qualified animal practitioners use this range. Some Hb Practitioners have specialise in helping animals and may also use Homoeopathy, nutrition and other techniques Animal physiology is different to humans. Some herbs, are toxic for them whereas useful for us. The dose must be adapted to the weight of the animal.

What if I am allergic to certain herbs?

Please advise your practitioner immediately if you have known allergies. They will assess whether the formula is safe your use. Hb have been routinely used to treat allergies, the focus is on removing the cause of any distress. Hb aims to strengthen the body, so that imbalances that produce allergy symptoms are overcome naturally.